The Rock and Water Approach: Skills for physical–social teaching with boys (3rd edition) - Freerk Ykema

A comprehensive teachers’ manual on the successful Rock & Water course developed for late primary to senior high school boys. The course develops self-confidence, self-control and selfrespect through linking physical exercises drawn from the traditions of Tai Chi and karate to social issues that boys face, such as peer pressure, bullying, homophobia and sexual harassment.

The manual describes the 13 lessons of the course in detail, as well as providing comprehensive information on the principles behind the course and the psychological and social developmental reasons for the lesson sequences. A must for male and female teachers who want to develop boys’ social awareness.
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Rock and Water Starter Manual
First 6 lessons for Introductory 1 Day Workshop.
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Rock and Water Perspectives: Theory book - Freerk Ykema

A book written by Freerk Ykema for everyone interested in boys’ education.
It contains basic ideas about the dynamics behind boys’ behaviour and links with the theoretical background information of the Rock and Water program. It is recommended for anyone who wants to work with, or is interested in, the program.
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The Rock and Water Action/Reaction DVD - Freerk Ykema

This video contains five scenes about different forms of violence as shown in the third day of the Rock & Water workshop. Suitable for high school-aged children only. Subtitled in English.
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The Rock and Water Basic Exercises DVD - Freerk Ykema

Basic exercise skills for physical-social teaching for boys (video/DVD) This video contains the most important and challenging physical exercises of the Rock & Water program and is of invaluable support for every Rock & Water teacher.
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Rock and Water Posters

More information about the posters can be found here

Rock and Water Polo shirts
Available in XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL.
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Rock and Water Stress Balls

The Rock and Water stressballs enhance the understanding of the program and strengthen the transfer of Rock and Watertraining into eveyday life situations. Squeezing the ball will be accompanied by a slight contraction of muscles in the belly generating a feeling of calmness and strength. It helps students remember that they can always be in control and that they have a choice between a rock action or a water action.
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Rock and Water Strikeshields, pads and safety shoto

More information about the posters can be found here

Rock and Water book: "Bringing it Together"
Edited by Freerk Ykema, Deborah Hartman & Wes Imms.
The 23 case studies in this publication describe how the Rock & Water program is implemented in settings as diverse as urban primary schools, correctional institutions, Indigenous schools, large high schools, boys’ schools, co-ed schools.
You name it — teachers around Australia have taken this program and adapted it to suit their students.

For the first time, stories of implementation have been brought together along with the small-scale evaluation studies that have been conducted by the practitioners. This book is a must-have for anyone attempting to implement Rock & Water and wanting to ensure their implementation is making a positive difference for their students.
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Rock and Water in the United Kingdom (Coventry, West Midlands)

Gadaku Institute, located in the Netherlands, has set up a new partnership with Rock and Water Ltd.

Rock and Water Ltd is the contracted provider of Rock and Water training courses in the United Kingdom. 

This year the 3-day Rock and Water training course will be held in Conventry, West Midlands. The 3-day Training Course is the most comprehensive Rock and Water experience. The training provides each participant with an intensive overview, the philosophy and theory, and learning many games, exercises and best practice strategies in order to deliver the Rock and Water programma.

The course will be presented by Freerk Ykema, programme author and founder of Gadaku Institute, from the 18th, 19th and 20th of March 2020. For registration or more information about the course: CLICK

Using the Rock & Water method in the treatment of forensic psychiatric patients and in educating staff

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